A fundraiser for SURREY, VANCOUVER  fire fighters

This year our Gold Angels greeted guests as they entered the gleaming GOLD GALA, as guests continued to walk they were then invited further into the event by the beautiful glowing CHANDELIER girls. The Gold Wings were newly custom made for this event as were the SEA HORSES and MERMAID TAIL for last years event ATLANTIS.

The Sea Horses were quite dynamic, standing at close to 8 feet tall, sexy, decorated in minimal accessories and BODYPAINT.

King Neptune was impressive on his own even before the paint hit.But a little BODYPAINT never hurt anyone.

(Unless you happen to be original Tin Man from Wizard of Oz)

Both events were held at the ARIA BANQUET HALL AND CONVENTION CENTRE, Surrey,a beautiful venue.

A i r b r u s h   B o d y   P a i n t

P A I N T E R T A I N M E N T. c a

Golden Angels, Sea Horses and Mermaids