P A I N T E R T A I N M E N T. c a


PAINTERTAINMENT'S approach to BodyPainting, when possible is to paint the model Live in front of guests, having it become part of the evenings Entertainment.

Paintertainment will also paint and decorate the model on stage in front of guests and then have her become part of a strolling table and roam the event serving tasty appetizers or desserts to guests.

Always trying to take bodypainting further, make it cleaner, trick the viewer, having them double guess.  Is she wearing clothes?. What parts are painted, what parts are clothing?

At an event earlier this year Paintertainment had bodypainted 2 girls prior to the Event that greeted guests as they arrived, and were in the process of painting 1 girl live in front of guests. And only after seeing that Cary and Paulo were bodypainting a model live, that they realized the other girls had been bodyPainted as well, prompting them to take another look.

Hopefully people appreciate the work behind this and not just think that Paulo has the 'best' job EVER!.

Painting the body beautiful

A   M I X   O F   B O D Y P A I N T