In early 20th century, the German dancer OLGA DESMOND put on “Evenings of Beauty” in which she posed nude in imitation of classical works of art ('living pictures').


A LITTLE HISTORY: Tableau Vivant, or group of LIVING STATUES, was a common sight at Medieval and Renaissance festivities and ceremonies. Such as when a Royal member would visit a city, typically a group enacting a scene would be mounted on an elaborate stand decorated to look like a monument, placed strategically along on the route of the procession. 

There is even a World Championship of Living Statues that is held annually the Netherlands, which attracts a large number of visitors as well as performers, some 300 living statues (including amateurs and children).

PAINTERTINMENT'S Living Statues have performed at Weddings, Private and Corporate Events, Award Ceremonies, as Street Animation and even at the Vancouver Airport, YVR and Vancouver Aquarium adding a little muscle with Atlas (Titan of Astronomy) and King Neptune(God of the Sea) respectivley.

Standing firm

L I v I N G   S T A T U E S   -   T A B L E A U   V I V A N T

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