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Strolling Tables

C H A M P A G N E   A N D   C U P C A K E S



The whole CUPCAKE thing started when Art of the Party commissioned PAINTERTAINMENT to design a strolling CUPCAKE Dress, that can hold at least 150 cup cakes. A private event was all we new at the time.'No problem, we can do that'.

So off to the drawing board we went, and with the help of our friend Stephane, we designed and built a Strolling Cupcake Dress.

It was only 2 days before the event that we learnt the dress was for Michael Bublé's Wedding Reception at the Pan Pacific, Vancouver.

The model is able to glide through an event carrying around 150-175 cupcakes. The colouring of the dress can also be changed to suit your events deco.

Cupcake Dress - Done. Next Strolling Champagne Dress. PAINTERTAINMENT are not claiming to have invented this one, but as always they strive to improve on each creation and costume they they produce.

The Champagne Dress is quite versatile and can be decorated to suit any event.

Holds 88 Champagne or Wine Glasses, which can be considered very lucky.