Honoring Michael Key, MAN OF MANY TALENTS

Okay, so what can we do for a group of guests that are involved one way or another in the Movie and Film Industry, Makeup and Special Effects Artists, who have pretty much seen it all.And the guest of honor being the man behind IMATS (International Make-up Artists Trade Show)

So we basically tried a hidden portrait. Starting with a background painting featuring elements of Make-up and Studio F/X icons positioned strategically on the Canvas. I say strategically because they all play their part in this disguised portrait.

5 models dressed in an assortment of costumes - the only connection between them being that they all have a piece of costume that doubles as a painted section of the new soon to be revealed Portrait Painting.

A little in to the party, the Models grabbed Michael Key, positioned him in front of the Canvas backdrop and preceded to partially striptease, removing the pre-painted sections of clothing, which were then handed to a couple of PAINTERTAINMENT staff (Cary & Paulo) and positioned onto the background, covering the make-up icons and finally revealing a 5' x 5'

portrait of Michael Key. Ta Da.

Still confused - try this link.

P R E - I M A T S   P A R T Y   A T   S T U D I O  F / X

Costumes, Body Art and Paint

P A I N T E R T A I N M E N T. c a